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What can Bill do at my Event?

Bill tailors the magic he performs to fit the desires of his clients and the surroundings.

During a cocktail hour, he’ll stroll among the guests performing close-up magic in his hands, and in theirs. In his strolling magic he uses coins, playing cards, rubber bands, silk handkerchiefs, pencils, even nuts and bolts. Bill can (and does!) perform magic with virtually anything which you can hold in your hand.

When your guests are seated at tables, Bill will perform more elaborate magic with many of the same items he uses when strolling. Coins, playing cards, dollar bills, even the items on the table–glasses, napkins, or the table itself!–get into the magic act. At a recent wedding reception, one of the guests asked Bill to do some magic with a small butter container. He closed his hand around it and asked her to blow on it. She was stunned when he opened his hand and the butter was gone! Frequently your guests will come away with a souvenir of the performance: a playing card they selected and signed which appeared in a sealed envelope, for example.

Before a larger audience–at a birthday party, for example, or as stage show–he demonstrates his skill at what is known as “Parlor” magic–larger effects which play to a larger crowd, but smaller than full-scale stage illusions. Bill uses ropes, rings, silk handkerchiefs, coloring books, baseball bats and more to entertain everyone from the first row to the last.

Bill will also create special effects to fit the theme of your event. He is particularly proud of an effect he calls “The Wedding Waltz”–his adaptation of an effect created by “Doc” Eason of Snowmass, CO–which symbolizes the commitment the bride and groom promise each other on their wedding day and leaves them with a memento they frame and keep with the other treasures of their wedding; he’s heard it called “the most romantic card trick ever.”

And, yes, he does pull a rabbit out of a hat.